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Badass Hentai Adaptations of Mainstream Shows You Need To See!

These days, we’re blessed with a solid array of TV series that never fails to captivate us and keep us gripped in the storyline for multiple seasons. From Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones to The Sopranos and The Wire, we’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing what series to watch.


Oh, and speaking of spoilt, I’m sure a lot of you can relate when I say that mainstream shows can be underwhelming when it comes to sex, especially when our minds are so desensitized to the massive array of porn we consume on a daily basis.


Well, that vast array of porn may just be your saving grace! Today, I want to introduce you to some of the most badass Hentai versions of the shows we all know and love and reveal how erotic artists have managed to craft some of the most passionate sexual masterpieces from some of the world’s most popular TV series!

Breaking Bad: ‘’Jesse, Let’s Fuck!’’

First off is the classic series Breaking Bad. This meth-riddled adventure hasn’t been spared the horny hammer of Hentai, and we’ve seen everything from gay Hentai centered around Walt fucking Jesse up the ass (Jesse was always bound to be a bottom) to Walt fucking Jayne as Jesse lay in a daze next to her.

Game of Thrones Hentai

To be fair, Game of Thrones had a fuck tonne of sex in it anyway, but Hentai artists still had some juice left in the tank when it came to hypersexualizing the popular series. One quick search of GoT Hentai, and you’re rewarded with everything from Danaerys being locked in stocks and used as a free-use slut in a sleazy tavern to some perverse fantasy sex between busty female peasants and a particularly horny dragon!


In fact, the boom in GoT Hentai led to a surge in popularity amongst cam girls eager to cosplay as some of the show's sluttiest characters in their perverted performances on sites like

Vikings Hentai

Swedish women are hot as fuck, which makes the female cast of shows like Vikings insanely wank-worthy! Better yet, the eagle eyes of Hentai artists haven’t passed them by, meaning horny fuckers like us are rewarded with a wealth of Viking-themed smut to enjoy!


From sex-starved peasants in North East England opening their legs to their new Viking overlords to battle-weary Viking warriors returning home to their horny, lusty, blonde, and breedable wives before filling their fertile Scandinavian slits up with cum, Viking Hentai is an unmissable experience!


How Have These Hentai Adaptations Changed Things?

These perverted Hentai adaptations of current modern TV shows have provided a serious form of inspiration for many across the adult entertainment industry.


Not only have we seen porn producers create flicks centered around said Hentai adaptations, but we’ve also seen an increasing number of girls performing on live porn cams model their cosplaying persona around characters they've seen sexualized in Hentai!


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